1. Michael Sampels
Visualization of Automorphisms and Vertex-Symmetry

2. Janusz Borkowski
Interrupt and Cancellation as Synchronization Methods

3. Marek Tudruj, Lukasz Masko
A Parallel System Archtecture Based on Dynamically Configurable Shared 
Memory Clusters

4. Martin Schmollinger, Michael Kaufmann
KNUMA Model for Clusters of SMP-Machines

5. Marek Tudruj, Lukasz Masko
Task Scheduling for Dynamically Configurable Multiple SMP Clusters 
Based on Extended DSC Approach

6. Tiberiu Rotaru, Hans-Heinrich Nägeli
Heterogeneous Dynamic Load Balancing with a Scheme Based on the 
Laplacian Polynomial

7. Noriyuki Fujimoto, Kenichi Hagihara
Optimal Task Scheduling of a Complete K-ary Tree with Communication 

8. Eryk Laskowski
Fast Scheduling and Partitioning Algorithm in the Multi-Processor System 
with Redundant Communication Resources

9. Stanislaw Gawiejnowicz, Wieslaw Kurc, Lidia Pankowska
A greedy approach for a time-dependent scheduling problem

10. Krzysztof Giaro, Marek Kubale, Michal Malafiejski, Konrad Piwakowski
Dedicated scheduling of biprocessor tasks to minimize mean flow time

11. Pawel Wolniewicz, Maciej Drozdowski
Processing time and memory requirements for multi-instalment divisible 
job processing

12. C. Fernández, F. Torres, S. T. Puente
SASEPA: Simultaneous Allocation and Scheduling with Exclusion and 
Precedence relations Algorithm

13. Jan Kwiatkowski
Evaluation of Parallel Programs by Measurement of its Granularity

14. Darin Nikolow, Renata Slota, Jacek Kitowski
Benchmarking Tertiary Storage Systems with File Fragmentation

15. Rafal Metkowski, Piotr Bala, Terry Clark
The performance of different communication mechanisms and algorithms 
used for parallelization of Molecular Dynamics code

16. M. Drozdowski
Estimating execution time of distributed applications

17. T. Olas, R. Wyrzykowski
FEM computations on clusters using different models of parallel  

18. Jerzy Brzeziñski, Dariusz Wawrzyniak
Consistency Requirements of Peterson’s Algorithm for Mutual Exlusion of 
n Processes in a Distributed Shared Memory System

19. Zbigniew J. Czech
Three parallel algorithms for simulated annealing

20. Maria J. Blesa, Lluis Hernandez, Fatos Xhafa
Parallel Skeletons for Tabu Search Method Based on Search Strategies 
and Neighborhood Partition

21. Mieczyslaw Wodecki, Wojciech Bozejko
Solving flow shop problem by parallel simulated annealing

22. Zbigniew Kokosiñski
On Parallel Generation of t-ary Trees in an Associative Model

23. Jacek Blazewicz, Rafal Walkowiak
A new parallel approach for multi-dimensional packing problem

24. Cevat Sener, Yakup Paker, Ayse Kíper
Developing a Data-Parallel Application with DaParT

25. Adam Smyk, Marek Tudruj
Application of Mixed MPI/OpenMP Programming in a Multi SMP Cluster 

26. González J.A., León C., Printista M., Roda J.L., Rodríguez C., 
Rodríguez J.M., Sande F.
A Language for the Complexity Analysis of Parallel Programs

27. Piotr Dembiñski, Wojciech Penczek, Agata Pólrola
Automated verification of infinite state concurrent systems: an 
improvement in model generation

28. O. Maslennikow
Systematic generation of executing programs for processor elements in 
parallel ASIC or FPGA-based systems and their transformation into 
VHDL-descriptions of the processor element control units

29. S. Kriwoj
The Criteria of Satisfability for Homogeneous Systems of Linear 
Diophantine Constraints

30. Marian Bubak, Wlodzimierz Funika, Piotr Metel, Rafal Orlowski,
Roland Wismüller
Towards a Monitoring Interface Specyfication for Distributed Java 

31. Piotr Uhruski, Zdzislaw Onderka
The Object Oriented Platform for the Process Migration in the 
Heterogeneous Networks

32. Peter Brezany, Marian Bubak, Maciej Malawski, Katarzyna Zajac
Irregular and Out-of-Core Parallel Computing on Clusters

33. Marian Bubak, Wlodzimierz Funika, Bartosz Balis, Roland Wismüller
A Concept of Grid Application Monitoring

34. Giang T. Nguyen, Viet D. Tran, Ladislv Hluchý
DDG task Recovery for Cluster Computing

35. £ukasz Garstecki, Pawel Kaczmarek, Jacques Chassin de Kergommeaux,
Henryk Krawczyk, Boguslaw Wiszniewski
Testing for conformance of parallel programming pattern languages

36. Joong-Han Kim, R.S. Ramakrishna
Load Distribution in Jini using JINT

37. Petter E. Bjorstad, Piotr Krzyzanowski
Flexible 2-level Neumann-Neumann method for structural analysis 

38. Dana Petcu
Sloving Large Systems of Differential Equations with PaViS

39. Pedro Alonso, Raquel Cortina, Irene Díaz, Vicente Hernández, José 
A Columnwise Block Striping in Neville Elimination

40. A. Cooper, M. Szularz, J. Weston
The Analysis of the Lanczos Error Bounds and its Application to the 
Explicitly Restarted Lanczos Algorithm

41. Radim Baheta, Ondrej Jakl, Jirí Starý
Displacement Decomposition and Parallelization of the PCG Method for 
Elasticity Problems

42. R. Ciegis, G. Šilko
A Scheme for Partitioning one Class of Regular Graphs

43. Przemyslaw Stpiczyñski
A New Message Passing Algorithm for Solving Linear Recurrence 

44. A. Sergyienko
Implementation of Givens QR Decomposition in FPGA

46. Chih Jeng Kenneth Tan
Antithetic Relaxed Monte Carlo Linear Solver

47.Fred Gustavson
Blocked Packed Factorization of Symmetric Indefinite Matrices

48.Bjarne S. Andersen
Recursive Packed Cholesky Algorithm

49.Jerzy Wasniewski
Lapack 95

50. Tomasz Jurczyk, Barbara Glut, Jacek Kitowski
An Empirical Comparison of Decomposition Algorithms for Complex Finite 
Element Meshes

51. Stefan Nilsson
Flow Simulations on Overlapping Grids Using A Data Parallel C++ Library

52. William Sawyer, Peter Messmer
Parallel Grid Manipulations in Earth Science and Space Science 

53. Mikhail P. Levin
Computation of Two-Phase Through Essentially Heterogeneous Porous 
Media by High-Order Quasi-Characteristics Scheme with Parallel Facilities

54. Henryk Krawczyk, Aleksander Neyman, Michal Nowikowski, Jamil Saif
The Parallel Environment for Endoscopic Image Analysis

55. L. Hluchy, V.D. Tran, J. Astalos, M. Dobrucky
Parallel numerical solution for flood modeling systems

56. A.A. Soloviev, V.I. Maksimov, V.L. Rozenberg, Yu.M. Ermoliev,                         
J. Linnerooth-Bayer
Block Models of lithosphere dynamics: approach and algorithms

57. Tadeusz Burczyñski, Waclaw Kus
Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms in Shape Optimization of Nonlinear 

58. Jan Kwiatkowski, Wies³awa Kwiatkowska, Krzysztof Kawa, Piotr Kania
Using Fractal Coding in Medical Image Magnification

59. Grzegorz Kamieniarz, Ryszard Matysiak, Alvaro Caramico D’Auria,
Filippo Esposito, Cristiano Benelli
Application of parallel computing in the transfer – matrix simulations of the 
supramolecules Mn6 and Ni12

60. G. Musial, L. Debski
Monte Carlo method with parallel computation of phase transitions in the 
three-dimensional Ashkin-Teller model

61. Stanislaw Ambroszkiewicz, Tomasz Nowak
Agentspace as an infrastructure for distributed applications

62. Marcin Lepiarz, Zdzislaw Onderka
Agent System for Load Monitoring of the Heterogenous Computer 

63. Juan Sejias, Carmen Morato, José Luis Sanz-Gonzáles
Genetic Algorithms: Two Different Elitism Operators for Stochastic and 
Deterministic Applications

64. Joanna Kolodziej
Modeling Hierarchical Genetic Strategy as a Family of Markov Chains

65. Marcin Wojnarski
LTF-C – Neural Network for Solving Classification Problems

66. Franciszek Seredyñski, Anna Swiecicka
Immune-like System Approach to Cellular Automata – based Scheduling

67. R, Schaefer, Z.J. Jablonski
On the convergence of sampling measures in the global genetic search

68. J. Zola, R. Wyrzykowski 
High-performance library for evolutionary computations

69.Janusz Starczewski, Leszek Rutkowski
Connectionist Structures of Type 2 Fuzzy Inference Systems

70.Danuta Rutkowska, Robert Nowicki, Yoich Hayashi
Parallel Processing by Implication-Based Neuro-Fuzzy Systems

71. Radoslaw Grzymkowski, Damian Slota
Multi-Phase Inverse Stefan Problems Solved by Approximation Method

72. Norbert Sczygiol, Arkadiusz Nagórka, Grzegorz Szwarc
Coupling by Boundary Conditions in Numerical Modelling of 
Thermomechanical Problems

73. Amalia Pielorz
Application of Equations with a Retarded Argument in Physical Systems

74. Andrzej Karafiat, Lech Slawik, Olga Trzos
Error estimaties for BE/FE method in elastic scattering

75. Andreas Poullikkas, Andreas Karageorghis, Georgios Georgiou
The Method of Fundamental Solutions in Three-Dimensional Elastostatics

76. Yiorgos-Sokratis Smyrlis, Andreas Karageorghis
Rotation of the sources and normalization of the fundamential solutions in 
the MFS

77. Jacek Leszczyñski, Sebastian Pluta
The efficient generation of unstructured control volumes in 2D and 3D

78. Jacek Leszczyñski, Mariusz Ciesielski
A numerical method for solution of ordinary differential equations of 
fractional order

79. Andrzej Grzybowski
Computer Simulations in Constructing a Coefficient of Uncertainty in 
Regression Estimation – Methodology and Results

80. E.V. Vasilyeva, V.L. Rozenberg
Reconstruction of unknown properties of seismicity

81. Masaharu Nakashima
Unconditionally stable explicit difference schemes for the variable 
coefficients two dimensional parabolic differential equation

82. Maciej Patan, Dariusz Uciñski
Optimal Location of Sensors for Parameter Estimation of Static Distributed 

83. R. Weiner, B.A. Schmitt, H. Podhaisky
Parallel two-step W-methods on singular perturbation problems

84. S. Fialko
Aggregation multilevel iterative solver for analysis of large-scale finite 
element problems of structural mechanics. Linear static and natural 

85. P.  Sewastjanow, P. Rog
The constructive numerical method of intervals comparison

86. C. Sinz, J. Denzinger, J. Avenhaus, W. Kuchlin
Combining parallel and distributed search in automated equational deduction
87. A. Kleymenov, D. Petunin, A. Semenov, I. Vaznev
A model of cooperative solvers for computational problems
88. N. Romero
Mobile Concurrent Constraint Programming 
89. N. Revol, T. Denneulin, J.-F. Mehaut, B. Planquelle
Parallelization of continuous verified global optimization  
90. Z. Habbas, M. Krajecki, D. Singer
The Langford's problem: A challenge for parallel resolution of CSP  


91. Jan Jankowski, Monika Warnowska, 
Solution of the incompressible Navier-Stokes aquations using projection 

92. Blanca Bujanda, Juan Carlos Jorge
Numerical methods for evolutionary convencion-diffusion problems with 
non linear reaction terms


93. W. Auzinger, O. Koch, E. Weinmuller
Theory, solution techniques and applications of singular boundary value 
problems for ordinary differential equations

94. Aleksander Domoshnitsky, M. Drakhlin, E. Litsyn
On positivity of solutions to delayed differential equations with state 
dependent impulses

95. Andrzej Bielecki, Dariusz Jablonski
Estimation of constants of numerical dynamics of a nonlinear neuron


96. Bastien Choppard
Cellular Automata Modelling of Complex Systems

97. Peter Sloot
Selforganisation and Information
98. Pawel Topa, Mariusz Paszkowski
Anastomosing Transportation Networks

99. Przemyslaw Jacewicz
A Hybrid Cellular Autmomaton for Modelling Forest Dynamics

100. W.A. Maniatty, T. Caraco, N. Lehman, B. Szymanski
Computational Modelling for Investigation the Origins of Life

101. M.S. Magdon-Maksymowicz, M. Bubak, A.Z. Maksymowicz
Biological Time Scaling and Ageing in the Penna Model

102. V.V. Krzhizhanovskaya, M.A. zatevakhin, A.A. Ignatiev,
Y.E. Gorbachev, P.M.A. Sloot
Distribute Simulation of Silicon Based Film Growth

103. M. Bubak, A. Przewiezlikowski, K. Rozpara
Object Oriented Approach to Parallel Discrete Event Simulation